Archery in Bhutan

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Archery in Bhutan


There are many different outdoor games played in Bhutan, but archery is the most popular played in every free moment and during holidays the men's main topic is archery. Much time and money is invested in archery. Nowadays they use compound or metallic bows from America which are not at all cheap, but still then they make all efforts to purchase one before tournaments begin. They are maintained very well and kept away very safe.

Matches are so thrilling and fascinating comparable with football games over here. In 1971, besides all other outdoor traditional games it was declared as Bhutan's national game.

The traditional bows and arrows are made out of special variety of bamboos. Two targets are placed at each end of the archery range 130 meters apart. It is played between two teams (10 –12 people). Each person has two arrows to hit the target. Before they begin they choose a particular number called (Ku) the number can be 9, 15, or 25. Every hit on the target counts two points and bulls-eye 3 points and close to the target 1 point. Whichever team reaches the pre-fixed point wins the game.

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