Natural Heritage of Bhutan

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Natural Heritage of Bhutan


The country is very rich in natural environment with a stunning landscape, rivers and streams and untouched minerals and treasures. Almost 72.5 percent is covered by pristine forest.

Bhutan does not have a zoo instead it has 11 wildlife reserves and parks. In these natural habitats lives the very rare bird species the Black Neck crane and the rare wild animal species the Golden Langur and over 770 other bird species, 50 different types of rhododendrons and 300 medical and therapeutical plants. A truly incredible variety of treasures.

The Bhutanese people have lived side by side in harmony with nature for centuries and even today in this new era they share almost 26 percent of the country’s land for the wildlife reserves and nature parks. Since 1977 the forest and the wild life are very well protected by Royal Society for the Protection of Nature. Not long time ago Bhutan was declared as one of the 10 global bio diversity hotspots in the world.

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