People in Bhutan

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People of Bhutan


The country has over 600,000 inhabitants formed by three ethnic groups, Naglongs in North West, Schsrpos in North East and lhotsampas in South. Since 1971 Dzongkha has been declared the national language. After introducing the modern education in 1961, most people are able to speak English. People enjoy a free health care system; there are more than 29 hospitals, 172 basic health units with well-qualified doctors.

Bhutanese are family-oriented, the families mostly live on village sides altogether under one roof with grandparents, grandchildren and all.

Women play a vital role in the family. They are the decisionmakers of the family in terms of family management and keeping things going. They are actively involved in all areas where the men are too. There are no preferences over a male or female child within the society; both genders are equally welcomed by the parents. Bhutan is the only country in Asia where women have equal status to men.

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