What to pack and to do for Bhutan

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Light waterproof jacket, light woolens and cotton clothing for summer (Jun-Sep), warm and good jackets. Thermal underwear, trekking boots and normal walking shoes. For all seasons house shoes or flipflops in the rooms. Good sleeping bags for trekkers.



Everything is included in the tour package as a tourist but you may still need cash for unforeseen situations like souvenirs, phone calls, tips, etc. for personal use. And US$ 20 for airport tax. Visa and American Express credit cards are accepted in a few shops in Thimphu. Traveller’s cheques can be changed in every bank in Bhutan, they charge 1% commission.


Useful items

Flashlights, ear plugs, condoms, Swiss army knife, sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen with high protection factor, hand creams and mini first-aid box.



Multi headed adepter, 220 volts, 50 cycles A.C. current is available.



No vaccinations are required for Bhutan, however the following are recommended:

Typhoid: If none or refreshed in the last three years, 10 days prior to travel.

Diptheria: If none or refreshed in the past 10 years, 3 weeks prior to travel.

Hepatitis A: 2 weeks prior to travel.

Tetanus: If none or refreshed in the past 10 years, 3 months prior to travel.

Yellow fever: Only if you are travelling in from an infected area (parts of Central Africa and Latin America).

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