Festivals in Bhutan

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Puja in Bhutan


Festivals are very important and have very strong spiritual connections and cannot be missed nor ignored.

Every family performs Puja (an annual ritual ceremony) in the name of Buddha, like Christmas in other parts of the world. Monks and lamas are invited to do perform this ceremony for a minimum of two days during which neighbours are invited together with the whole family to eat, drink, laugh and dance into morning.

Each Dzongs (fortress) and the Monasteries also perform annual festivals, which are held in honour of Guru Rinpoche and the protective deities of the country and for all the living beings on the earth. These dances are so beautiful with masks and colourful dresses, the dances are performed by monks as well as by lay men. Sometimes it looks like a carnival.

During the festival all people come with their most beautiful dresses (Gho and Kira). Every festival in Bhutan brings the people together. Besides the importance of social gathering and the looking at these dances, everyone strongly believes it purifies bad karma.

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