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Archery classes

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Archery classes on traditional Bhutanese bow and arrow. (out door game)

Introduction on bamboo-made bow and arrow.

Work together to make the bow and arrow that fits the individual.

Basic rules of the game.

Shooting techniques and safety.


Why I came with the idea of bow and arrow?

As a father of two children I like to remember my childhood and how I enjoyed archery with friends and family, so I would like to this on to my children as well as to others.


What are the benefits of archery and how?

It keeps you mentally and physically fit. Mentally, you need to hit the target which is placed 130m away which calls for aim and concentration. Not immediately but gradually you gain the concentration.

Physically, pulling the flexible bamboo bow to letting the arrow go towards the target is a challenge, which means a stable shooting position requires us to open our shoulders and chest. Especially shoulders are a well known part of our bodies that cramp due to stress, so it helps you to relax.

What I like most is it opens new windows for the friendship.

Much more can be written but I would like to keep this simple and short. If you are interested, please contact me for further information.

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