Best time to visit Bhutan

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Best time to visit Bhutan


The best time to visit to Bhutan may differ depending on your interest. There are two factors which may influence your decision; the weather condition and festivals timing.


Spring (March, April, May)

Perfect season for those who are interested to see flowers, plants, birds, and festival and culture tour.


Autumn (September, October, November)

For those who likes to go trekking and care for mountain photography, also festival and culture tour.


Summer (June, July, August)

This is monsoon time with heavy rain falls, roads can be blocked due to landslides, and beside the naturesl unforeseen you can still go trekking and on culture tours. It is also beautifully green everywhere.


Winter (December, January, February)

Perfect for low altitude trekking, festival and cultural touring. At night it gets cold but the days are warm, even a sunburn may be included, clear blue skies with lots of stars.

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